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La Patron's KnightForce is on the job assisting Alphas all over the country as they deal with rebel forces who aren't happy with the decision to include half-breeds in the Nation. Each story stands on it's own but works best when you read the entire series. Welcome to the Nation!

Damian must find a way to understand pack or he'll never remain in KnightForce...

Oh yes I love me some La Patron! I want him!! Silas is La Patron and he's sexy as hell! He learns that there are hybrids being bred. Human woman are being kidnapped and turned in to breeders. Did I mention these humans where a little crazy? Just nuts.
The twins are hybrids and because of their human mother they are more Wolf than human. Jasmine maybe be human but he will protect her sons with the fierceness of any wolf. She's a woman you don't want to cross. I love her!
When she finds out that her so s are wolves and she's a special human who can give birth to wolves. It's a action packed book filled with oh so sexy wolves, bad ass bitches, crazy fanatics, and a no nonsense mom! I loved every word!!

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​Knight Chronicles

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Thanks and welcome to the Nation...

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