Spoil your Mate, It works!



Hello everyone,

I’d like to share a few relationship hints, comments or possibly secrets with you today.  Most are fairly common but just in case you’ve forgotten I’ll remind you. All relationships have some type of value, if only to show what not to do or what you don’t want.
First off, make sure your significant other understands you are his priority and not an afterthought or someone to scratch an itch. The word “significant” should mean something to both of you.
Spoil your mate (man, woman, spouse, significant other) not your kids. As much as we love our children, putting them in front of your chosen sends mixed messages. Remember every time your young child sees you, they are learning something. Imagine your child(ren) seeing happy, loving parents who like each other. It sends a message of safety and security that words alone can’t convey. It also strengthens the family, as well as teaches children what a loving relationship looks like.
There’s something inherently satisfying when your thoughts linger on what new or better thing you can do for your mate, knowing it’ll make him/her happy. Seeing a smile of appreciation when you surprise them by doing something thoughtful and unexpected keeps the relationship exciting.
Spoiling him/her doesn’t need to cost anything other than your time and/or imagination. Truly the sky’s the limit.
Jasmine Knight

Meet the Family

It’s always interesting to see what family looks like, especially La Patrons. This world has so many characters, sometimes it can get a little confusing to know who goes where and with who. A good friend of mine, Karen Moss, created a family tree which I think captures Silas’ extended family perfectly. After being a lone wolf for so many years, Silas had to make a serious adjustment when he mated with Jasmine who had two adult children.  (Click on the maps to see them clearer. )


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Asia, a tortured soul…


Asia and Hawke

Asia and Hawke

Asia Montgomery had no idea of her past. The Liege created memories and placed them in her mind. For decades she worked as a mindless assassin carrying out the Liege’s wicked agenda. But they made a mistake, miscalculated when they sent her to spy on Silas Knight, the Patron and Alphas Alpha. Caught in a web of lies, pain and intrigue, Asia begged for death at La Patron’s hand. However, Jasmine, Sila’s mate saw the battered woman beneath the bravado and insisted they help her instead.

Through a series of events Asia is now free from the Liege and has sworn allegiance to Jasmine and Silas as their Sword of mercy, vengeance, justice and anything else they need. Emotionally crippled, she’s unable to grasp and receive affection. When a link to her past arises, Jasmine and Silas insist she follow the trail, hoping this brave warrior will find the pieces of the puzzle to her life. Sword of Inquest, Sword of Mercy, and Sword of Justice tells Asia’s journey from West Virginia to the mountains in the Ukraine and back home again. Pick up these three books and immerse yourself in the world of Silas Knight, La Patron – the Alphas Alpha.

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