Renee’s Renegade

Renee’s Renegade
Everyone wants to know if I’m okay. They ask what’s wrong. I can’t explain this sense of loss, of emptiness I feel inside. They have mates and share their burdens. One day that will happen for me and maybe then things will change, I don’t know. Until then I place a smile on my face to keep my family happy and move through life like a machine. Saying and doing the right things, while crying inside. -Renee Knight
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Renee’s Renegade

It’s time for the annual art show at the Art Museum Renee manages. Pack from all over the country has sent their work for this prestigious event hoping to make names for themselves as well as money. Renee’s lack of enthusiasm doesn’t dampen sales or attendance, her beauty and being the last unmated daughter of La Patron attracts attention.

Niklas Storm is on a mission of vengeance to destroy everyone remotely connected to the death of his beloved Alpha. His quest takes him from South America to the States where he meets more than his quarry, he slams into his destiny. How can he hope to attract the attention of someone so different from him? As a half-breed he can walk away, but at a high cost.

This is the third book in the La Patron’s Den Series.

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Series: La Patron's Den, Book 3
Format: Ebook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781937334864

eBook Price: 3.99
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