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First I want to thank you for your interest in La Patron’s world and taking the time to visit my site. I live in the southeast and enjoy reading and writing all things paranormal. Nothing is more relaxing than cracking open a new adventure in a new world.

You’re invited to join the journey into new lands with all manner of things that go bumpity-bump in the night. I love paranormal tales and characters in general and shifter stories in particular. Throw in the romantic element, strong Alpha characters who bend beneath the power of love and I’m over the moon. Sighs…

Come along with me through all the books in this series. If you like fast paced action, suspense and great love connections like me, you won’t be disappointed. Silas and Jasmine will melt your heart.

Feel free to drop me a line at  or my La Patron FB page or join my Facebook group, La Patron’s Den, where discussions regarding Silas and the Wolf nation abound.  Also here, at my website, Of course I am on Facebook as well. See there is no reason we can’t be friends, lots of places to find me.

If you want intimate details of La Patron and the Wolf Nation, make sure to sign up for a Free copy of Knight Chronicles Silas and Jasmine provide lots of insights on parenting, ruling a nation and how they make their relationship work. Also, there will be lots of give-aways and free reads specifically for Knight Chronicle subscribers. If you haven’t signed up, do  it now, you’ll be glad you did.

La Patron, the Alpha’s Alpha is my first paranormal series and I’d like to ask a favor. When you finish reading, please leave a review, whatever your opinion, I assure you I appreciate it.





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